Our Awards

The Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Business Woman’s Awards are held annually to recognise the woman behind the business.

Now in its 18th year the awards evening is noted for its professionalism and are recognised as one of the most respected Award events on the Sunshine Coast. Many of the past winners have gone on to become finalists of, and even as far as to win, the State and National Telstra Business Awards.

The award categories and sponsors are:

sunshine coast business womens network 2016 winners

Why Nominate?

Being nominated in the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Business Woman’s Awards is about more than the business you are in. It is about all of who you are. It is about how you find balance in life, about how you contribute to the community and about what you put in to your business.

By nominating someone in the Business Woman’s Awards you are paying them a compliment of the highest order. Whether or not they become a finalist or even a category winner they will know that you respect them as a leader in our community.

Why Enter?

Entering any Awards does take time and these awards are no different, so why would you want to take time out of your busy schedule to complete your submission? There are several reasons:

Whether you become a finalist or not the process of writing a submission is a chance for you to reflect on what you have achieved. It is a chance for you to put into words the positive aspects of you and your accomplishments.

If you are chosen as a finalist you will receive publicity for yourself and your business or company through the Business Women’s Network.

For the five finalists that go through as winners in their category and the one overall Outstanding Business Woman of the Year there is a year ahead of celebration, recognition, publicity and personal and professional growth.

The Outstanding Business Woman of the Year wins a $10,000 media package compliments of 92.7Mix FM and Channel Nine.

Testimonial – Tsu Shan Chambers – 2013 Outstanding Business Woman of the Year

I would like to share my experiences with you….on to be frank, the most worthwhile business awards to enter on the Sunshine Coast!

And, it’s not because I won the ‘Outstanding Business Woman of the Year’ last year.  If you haven’t entered any business awards before – do it!  It is the most beneficial process to go through…from learning more about yourself, what you can improve on in your business and importantly, what you are actually doing well.  Sometimes, you are working so hard that you don’t step back to see how far you have come and what you have achieved.

What I love about this particular award, is that from the moment you receive confirmation of your nomination, you receive instant support in your entry with a phone call, congratulating you and offering you information on how to put in a great entry.  The women in this network genuinely want you to succeed – how damn refreshing is that!

What most women do well is speak from the heart and I find the questions that are asked in the entry very different to other awards which focus more on the business processes and financials.  In these awards, I believe the judges and other business women want to find out more about you, your passions, what are the traits that make successful business woman.  So, my advice when writing your entries is – speak from your heart.  We want to hear YOU.

If you are fortunate enough to become a finalist and go through your interview, what I found was that the best things I said came directly from my heart.   Again, the support I had, even turning up to the interview was much appreciated.  I saw friendly, familiar faces before and afterwards which helped with the nerves and sweaty palms.  The recognition you receive from becoming a finalist in itself is a huge achievement and so if you want to raise your profile in the local business community, then this award is the best on the Coast in helping you do that.

On the awards night last year, I took my husband and reception team with me – they are my quiet achievers, the ones who work so very hard next to me and so are so very deserving of sharing every success that I achieve.

Interestingly, last year before the awards night, one of my receptionists told me that she had a dream that I actually won.  I thought she meant the Young Business Women’s Category, which I was a finalist for.  Never in my mind did I think I would win the Outstanding Business Women’s Category. My husband told me afterwards that I was so stunned that he had to push me out of my chair.

And, the journey since then has been like that…a push out from my chair and go with however I land – whether it be standing up tall or flat on my butt wondering what just happened…..I have been so grateful for every minute.

It actually took me a week to come to terms with my win.  (Again, the learning about yourself never stops!).  What I discovered was I instantly felt an immense sense of responsibility on how important it was to inspire other business women out there to keep going, to never give up on what may seem impossible.

I was determined to use this opportunity to not only put Yin Health on the map on the Sunshine Coast, but to also help others.  The win gave me more confidence, belief in myself and definitely more fuel in the fire to keep going.

And you know an extra bonus with being a part of the awards process?  You get to connect with other inspirational business women, share ideas and help each other lift.

When my husband was made redundant and accepted a transfer to Sydney around the same time I won the award, despite the immediate challenge I faced, it was this heightened belief in myself and the support from one of my fellow winners who looked me straight in the eye and said, “You can do it, I know you can.”

So, I say to you now, “You can do it, you definitely can”.   Be a part of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network and go for GOLD!