With so many different styles of training on the market these days, it’s hard to choose where to go and who to join. Our mission is to eradicate the need to choose between the different styles such as X Fit, F45, Commercial, Power Lifting, Bootcamp, All female, CoEd and lots more. Where do you even begin?!

We got to ask the lovely ladies Kristi and Melinda, the directors and trainers, of Iron Fit Australia to answer some questions for us.

Why did you join the SCBWN?

Melinda and I met in 2012 at a gym in Brisbane and we’ve been inseparable since. It was always our dream to help other women and this was the foundation to which we designed Iron Fit Australia. Joining the SCBWN is another way for us to be able to expand our networking with other entrepreneurial women.

What has been happening in your business lately?

Our dream was to run a fitness facility where we could always be giving back to the local community. We have only been open 3 weeks and already we have been working on our first 12 week Charity Challenge, teaming up with the Beautiful You Program who help local women and their families dealing with cancer. We will be choosing a different local charity to support with every challenge we run at Iron Fit Australia. Our first challenge starts on the 1st of July 2017.

Who are you currently wanting to connect with?

We’d like to connect with as many different women from all walks of life. Melinda and I have been Personal Trainers for many years and we have worked with a lot of people. Every client comes to us with a different life story or challenge. We love listening to what people have been through and what their dreams are and helping them to overcome past events to ensure a better future towards their goals.

Do you have an offer for our members?

Absolutely, we would love to offer all SCWBN a 14 day no obligation trial with us. This entitles them to over 25 classes per week plus 2 Iron Kids classes for their children aged 5-13. Classes range of Ironfit, Metafit, Boxing, Yoga and more.

Who are you and what do you do?

Kristi – I am a 37 year old sole parent to a beautiful 7 year old daughter. What I do, is aim to help women achieve their best. I was picked on at school for being “fat/chubby” and I never saw my beauty, even though people pointed it out to me in later years. I since learnt this to be something called “Body Dysmorphic Disorder BDD ” and my aim is to help women, young and mature, to overcome this not only by physical training but by the mental and emotional willpower they gain from doing things they never imagined they could.

Melinda – I am a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband and a mum to our three beautiful daughters. My goal in life is to make our girls feel like they are capable of achieving  anything they want to be or set their minds on. To treat their bodies with respect by living a healthy active lifestyle with balance. It’s because of my girls that I became a personal trainer, I wanted to help other women to start believing in themselves to have positive body imagines and to achieve their goals whatever they may be.

Favourite place on the Sunshine Coast?

Kristi  – Oh so many, I love nothing more than a cabin the hinterland in winter with a log fire and spa and in the warmer months I love relaxing at Happy Valley with my daughter or finding new cafes for breakfast.

Melinda – My favourite place on the coast has to be the Beach ( of course) I love every single beach we have on this beautiful coastline but Currimundi is one of our Favourite family beaches to go.

Who inspires you and why?

Kristi – Besides my mum, who will help anyone at any time, I would have to say other sole parents out there, especially entrepreneurial sole parents. Raising a child as a sole parent is a tough gig! I’m so grateful I have my parents and my sister who help me out when ever I need but I know some sole parents don’t have that and I totally respect what they are doing for their kids. I want these parents to know that it’s ok to ask for help and it’s ok to put themselves first sometimes. Happy parents = happy children.

Melinda – I don’t have one person who inspires me more over another really. I feel that everyone we meet, who we choose to let be a part of our lives gives us something different, all the ladies I have trained over the years who have overcome adversity pushed through barriers achieved goals they thought were not possible Inspire me.

What does success mean to you?

Kristi – Success to me means being able to provide the best lifestyle for my daughter and I. For me that is creating a career that allows me to attend her concerts and school events and for me to have the balance of being able to not have to be chained to a desk 5 days a week. Success to me also means helping other women achieve their health and fitness goals and watching them grow from their achievements.

Melinda – Success to me is setting a goal and taking the steps to plan and achieve that goal.

One wish?

Kristi – Just one is hard, haha. I would definitely wish for our children and their children and so on to be able to live in a war free world, a world without fear. And also, for food manufacturing companies to think more about what they are putting into our foods, let’s get back to basics and stop the epidemic of not only obesity but disease through our food.

Melinda – My one wish would be for no child to go hungry


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network make sure you get in contact with us today, we look forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to share your member story with us, we would love to hear from you. Please email membership@scbwn.org.au with you details.

Last month’s Professional Development Lunch was a huge hit. Rebecca provided such a welcoming environment that facilitated great conversations about team building, delegation, personality types and getting the right people in the right roles. The conversations were firing throughout the event and even sparked some promotional collaboration ideas between members.

Rebecca Walker with Anita Humpreys and Deborah Potts

Rebecca opened the lunch by explaining her move to the Sunshine Coast 10 years ago with her husband, Dave, to start their small-scale roofing business. During this hectic time Rebecca realised the skills she acquired as an intensive care nurse were also very helpful in dealing with the high-pressure situations of a rapidly expanding business. However, she soon recognised  these skills were not enough and they needed to fill the skill gaps by building a team. Rebecca notes this as a pivotal decision in the business which allowed them to meet their expansion goals.

Natalie Crombie from Etch and Co with Jodie Slade from Leadership Management Australia

Signature Guttering and Roofing was born in 2015, by adding to the team an accountant, marketing and sales agency and strategic planning professional.  Since then Rebecca and Dave have purchased a commercial property, reached a turnover of $5 million,  employed and sub-contracted 30 more team members. But they aren’t stopping there, currently they are also looking to open a new sector in Canberra and Sydney and are expanding their product range to include DYI patios.

Deborah Potts from Business Lifestyle Globally with Cheree Clarke from ABA Partners QLD

But all this didn’t happen without some serious hard work and after having their third baby, the next hurdle to overcome was creating a work life balance.  Rebecca explains “our theory was that we can never be working at more than 80% capacity otherwise we will not have time to be actively work on the business”. This meant letting go of certain responsibilities and trusting others with key roles such as estimators, procurement officers, operations managers, supervisors, admin, finance, and sales team members. These roles are so vital to our business that our mindset is ‘we are always hiring’, so if someone comes along that is amazing we create a role”.

Melissa Gardner from Meluka Design with Maria Faulder from Suite Three .

One of the great outcomes of the Professional development lunches is the quality conversations that develop between members during and after the event. During the lunch, many discussed the various techniques and tools they use to identify the right team members, such as Myers Briggs, DISC and AusIDentities. Following up after the event was the wonderful, Renee Woodhead, General Manager of SEBEL. Renee shared this link to a workshop being run by the Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce which discuss AusIDentities and how it will help identify your team’s personality preferences, leadership, and communication styles. If you are interested in booking please contact the COC.

Corrie Attneave from Secure Access with Karen Tyrrell-Conroy from Modere.


Funky Frog in Buderim


Rebecca Walker’s recent PD lunch on ‘Building your team’ gave such valuable insight into the employment side of business as she shared her journey from the first staff member through to the dynamic and successful team she has today. There were some great tips shared on what to look out for as well as realising the right time to hire when you’ve reached your working capacity. 

The table opened up with suggestions and recommendations enabling us to learn from the entire group. These lunches are a great way to learn from other professionals and to comfortably ask questions. We brainstormed together and even came up with ideas on how we can work together collaboratively and successfully, all whilst enjoying a delicious lunch.  

Melissa Gardner : Meluka Design – Property Styling

Back by popular demand after a full house last year, four of the region’s most prominent financial, legal, accounting and business advisors have joined forces to this time focus on assisting business owners considering selling or exiting their business.

The foursome – Rod Russell of Savvy Business Sales, Scott Schatto of Commonwealth Bank, Ken Waddington from Garland Waddington Solicitors and Ravi Sharma from PJT Accountants & Business Advisers – will host a free information session on Wednesday, 7 June 2017 at the Maroochydore Surf Club considering the do’s and don’ts when selling or restructuring your business.

Event coordinator Ravi Sharma said it can be quite a tricky process when business owners are looking to sell or exit their business.

“Most business owners rely on funds they receive from the sale of their business to fund their future plans, so a successful sale needs to include getting the highest possible price and a smooth transition for all parties,” Mr Sharma said.

“One in three businesses on the Sunshine Coast are family-owned businesses, which means when it’s time to retire, most families are faced with the complexities of passing the business on to the next generation or selling to retire comfortably.

It’s important for these businesses to get the right information that will guide them on the right path to a successful transition.”

Presenter Ken Waddington said some of the key issues being covered at the event included succession planning, how to finance, how to agree on a fair price when family is involved and how to best manage retirement funds.

“We’ll also consider what you can do to facilitate a quick business sale, the sale process pitfalls to avoid, employee considerations and business tax concessions that you can take advantage of,” Mr Waddington said.

“Attendees will also go in the draw to win a $1,700 business evaluation package which includes legal advice, an on-site business assessment and business magazine subscriptions.”

The ‘Selling your business’ seminar will be held from 5.15pm on Wednesday, 7 June at the Maroochydore Surf Club, 34-36 Alexandra Parade, Maroochydore. Entry is free and bookings are essential. Contact Tanya Munro on 07 5413 9300 or tanya@pjtaccountants.com.au by 1 June.

Media contact: Amber James, Fresh PR & Marketing, 0403 000 330 or amber@freshprm.com.au

Signal Fox Anthea Kovacevic

Anthea is the owner of Signal Fox – Antenna, Internet & Mobile Phone and her company fixes 4G, WiFi and mobile phone signal problems. They’ve been installing and repairing TV antennas and WiFi systems across the Sunshine Coast for over 10 years and their technician has 22 years’ experience in the IT and Radio Frequency Engineering fields.

Signal Fox Foxy

Anthea believes that everyone deserves to have strong and reliable signals all day, every day, in their homes and offices.

Signal Fox’s diversity of services range from repairing TV antennas, to boosting mobile phone signals in the home/office, to installing wireless internet systems for homes, large holiday resorts and everything in between! Not only do they have an incredible technician, but Signal Fox only use the best technology available right now to improve or boost the signal for your TV, mobile phone, 4G internet, WiFi, digital radio and networking.

With wireless and NBN internet technology rapidly advancing, Signal Fox can come in and make these new technologies work smoothly in your home or office. Their cutting edge equipment and experience makes these problems a thing of the past when you deal with Signal Fox.

If you’ve got radio frequency tech problems at home, in your office or in your investment/rental properties, be sure to connect with your SCBWN member Anthea; she can help you optimise your signals to work at their optimal capacity, which will make your life run smoother with effective technology.

SCBWN Special Offer: Anthea and her team at Signal Fox are offering FREE WiFi Health Checks for SCBWN members in their homes or offices located within a 40Km radius of Sippy Downs.

www.signalfox.com.au | 5414 9030 | admin@signalfox.com.au

Getting to know Anthea – Our famous five questions:

Favourite place on the Sunshine Coast? Currimundi Lake

Who inspires you and why? Sir Richard Branson. He loves being an entrepreneur that makes a difference in so many people’s lives

What does success means to you? Success to me means having a good work/life balance, happy & healthy kids, a great marriage and happy, successful friends. I’ve succeeded!

One wish? There’s enough food on this planet, for every single person on it. My wish is for Governments to take an active role in food being distributed more evenly.

Lizzie Henebery Google

Lizzie is a qualified and experienced Marketing and Communications Professional excited to help passionate businesses clearly express themselves. She is also a social media whiz and has been on the SCBWN Marketing Sub-Committee since February this year, creating and managing our great content on Facebook and Instagram.


Working from her own consultancy business – Lizzie Henebery Consulting – Lizzie helps businesses to plan and write clever communications that clearly express their core business messages. She gives direction on where to start or where to go next with your business’ strategic marketing, as well as provides the tools and support to get things moving towards your goals.

“I offer a range of marketing and communications services, but essentially what I do is determine the best course of action to promote your business and reach your particular goals (whether it’s more sales, more customers, more ‘likes’ or introducing a new product). With a background in both traditional media and digital/online media, as well as skills in content writing and editing, I can provide advice and take actions for your business to see you tick off those marketing tasks on your list and get results.”

Whether it’s a website, content writing, public relations or social media project, no matter the marketing or communications activity she always follow the process of Plan > Do > Review to ensure every project is working towards clearly defined goals (otherwise what’s the point?!).

Quick facts about Lizzie:

  • Completed her Bachelor of Business and Post Graduate Diploma (Public Relations) at the University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Was a finalist for the 2013 SCBWN Young Business Woman of the Year award
  • Visited Google’s Sydney office and got to play with the office pet!
  • Can speak basic Italian after studying the language minor at USC… and getting a bit lost in Venice on her honeymoon!
  • Is a mum to gorgeous little baby Layla who tags along to some of her business meetings
  • Is married to Eli who runs his own tiling business (along with Lizzie’s help!)
  • Loves her ‘fur baby’ Dexter, the Silky Terrior X Maltese Shi Tzu who likes to be as close as possible to Lizzie at all times
  • Considers herself a worthy contender for ‘The Block’ as she’s mid-way through an extensive home renovation project
  • Loves to experience new things, whether it’s new foods, drinks or thrilling adventures, she’ll give everything a go at least once.

Get in touch with Lizzie – www.lizziehenebery.com | lizzie@lizziehenebery.com

Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network, Connecting & Inspiring Sunshine Coast Business Women. 

Becoming a member of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network is a valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, promote your business and create connections with others.

Find out more & join us today.

 It is very easy to understand why when asked to go guarantor by a member of your family or a close friend (“the borrower”) who wants to buy a home, that you would be willing to go guarantor.

But there are risks that you should be aware of if the borrower is unable to meet loan payments because of unforeseen circumstances or relationship break downs, as these factors may impact on your own financial commitments or opportunities you may wish to take up in the future.

One of the most common types of guarantee security for home loans is a security guarantee which means that instead of giving the person you are going guarantor for money to put towards the deposit, you give the equity the use of that has accrued in your property.  The loan to the borrower is secured using both the property being purchased and your own property.

The purpose is often to reduce the amount being borrowed to less than 80% of the proposed purchase price so that the borrower can avoid paying lenders mortgage insurance.  This will assist the borrower greatly, but there are no direct financial rewards for you.  It is very important to realise there is a lot of responsibility attached to becoming a guarantor.  For example, if the borrower is unable to afford the repayments, you will be responsible for paying off the remaining amount of the loan, or have to sell the property you used as security to repay the debt.

If you as guarantor want to sell your property in the future you may not be able to rely on all the equity in your property to secure a new property as an amount equivalent to the amount secured under the existing property as the guaranteed amount would need to be secured against the new property.

If  you want to sell the property outright and for example go travelling (and not invest in a new property straight away) an amount equivalent to the amount secured under the existing property would probably have to be held in a term deposit for the term of the borrower’s debt, or until the borrower’s property is sold.

Other points to consider when going guarantor are:

  • If the borrower defaults and you are required to make the repayments, but are not in a position to do so, it will affect your credit rating;
  • Even if you are not making repayments on the borrower’s loan, when applying for credit, a financier will most likely include the maximum potentially guaranteed amount when considering your application, and this may affect your chances of obtaining the credit.

We very strongly recommend that you seek independent advice before becoming a guarantor.  There could be other options worth pursuing which may assist the borrower but reduce your responsibility or liability.

For more information, contact Lyn Colautti, Paralegal, (07) 5443 4866 or lcolautti@gwlaw.com.au

Three Cheers for Tania

On Thursday members were treated to a truly inspirational professional development lunch hosted by our Outstanding Business Woman of the Year, Tania Turner from Shine Beauty.

Wendy Chadwick from Express Print and Mail and Tania Turner for Shine Beauty

Tania did an amazing job of outlining the benefits of keeping up with technology, as well as how trend analysis from a resource based view could grow their business. What a privilege to hear such detailed and honest insights on how these strategies have returned for her business. It certainly left all who attended with a new mindset for why it is important to adapt to changes in the market.

Jodie Slade from Leadership Management Australia and Terri Everest from The CBA

Tania began by sharing how she started 18 years ago with no money, just a temporary lease and no thoughts about the internet. However, it did not take long before she realised the power and potential of the world wide web.

Tricia Keyte from Genxxlife and Martine Poulain from the Wishlist Foundation

This innovation transformed Tania’s business as she began to sell the available spaces at her salons at a discounted rate online. Resulting in online sales becoming greater than individual sales. By investing in her own in-house web development she could collect and analyse a variety of data, such as employee performance, salon productivity, P&L for each Salon, and even the success of her e-birthday campaigns. This technology has been pivotal in growing the business to six luxury beauty salons.

Melissa Gardner from Meluka Designs and Lyndsey Cox from Wandspro

Tania went on to explain the benefits that SCBWN members could achieve by understanding their market. Tania had the table in tears of laughter as she recalled the first time someone asked for a Brazilian… she did not know what it was but was willing to adapt to meet her clients demands. However, Tania did advise not to chase every fad, but to do your research and follow your gut feeling.


All attendees of the Tania’s Professional Development lunch were gifted a Free Facial… what a treat.

All the ladies who attended were very spoilt as they not only walked away with some amazing insights but were presented with a wonderful gift voucher from Shine Beauty for a free facial.  Also a special thanks to Kim Taylor for sharing some of her home grown produce with the ladies. Kim also donated a lucky door prize for a free seat at her next speaking workshop, congratulations to Melissa Gardner who was the lucky winner.

The next Professional Development lunch will be our Young Business Woman of the Year, Rebecca Walker from Signature Roofing and Guttering. Bec will be talking about building your team.

Attendee testimonials from Tania Turner’s Professional Development Lunch

“It was a wonderful lunch and a big thank you to Tania for your amazing insights and down to earth approach to business. You are certainly an inspiration.
In fact, each one of you is an inspiration – so thank you!” Kim Taylor from Ultimate Speaker.

“Thoroughly loved the Professional Development Lunch hosted by Tania. There is nothing more inspiring to women in business on the Sunshine Coast, than hearing a success story and how it came about, what challenges were experienced and how these were dealt with. Three cheers to you Tania! And thank you for our gift which was extraordinarily kind of you” Samantha Mackie from From Fuji Xerox Business Centre Sunshine Coast.



“The lunch today was fantastic as always. Hearing from Tania’s professional experiences certainly inspires me in my business to stay current and innovative. Tania delivered so many insights and take aways for me at least. As well as the professional development aspect of the lunch, catching up with so many amazing like-minded women is personally important for balance in my week”. Lindsey Cox from Wandspro – Innovative Outdoor Gear.

“Tania was a brilliant speaker, well prepared and had no trouble filling the time. I was amazed at her technological foresight and innovation in developing her online booking system that contained insights into every (and I mean literally every) aspect of her business”. Terri Everest, CBA.

“My own business revolves around making ‘Good People Great’” & it is just so inspiring & fabulous to hear of Tania Turner’s wonderful journey to success:- from the seeds of Desire & Determination that inspired the very first  salon of holes-in-the-walls- style leased premises 18 years ago,  to owning the building & now today, a prosperous enterprise  of 6 highly successful salons that has, aside from many other achievements I am sure,  bestowed on Tania Turner & her amazing ‘Shine’ team   an accolade of 3 Business Excellence Awards!  Congratulations Tania! And thank you for sharing your personal story that is truly that of an entrepreneur! I feel very fortunate to have attended the PD Lunch at Tides Waterfront Dining Bulcock Beach Caloundra amongst this wonderful network of women who make up the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network  & to have the opportunity to hear Tania’s amazing journey!” Jodie Slade – Leadership Management Australia.

Do you know the legal requirements and responsibilities of running an online business?  Does your website comply with Australian legislation?

Below are the three most important legal aspects that you should be aware of.  Check to see how your website fares.

Do you have a Contact Form on your website?

If YES then you are collecting personal information eg. email address.  Your website needs a PRIVACY POLICY.

A Privacy Policy states how you will keep all personal information safe and secure and that you will not sell it without permission. Since almost all websites have contact forms, most websites should have a Privacy Policy. So that should be your first priority.

Having a Privacy Policy will also increase consumer confidence and trust in your operations.

Do you publish information or provide advice on your website?

If YES then people could rely incorrectly on your information or advice and your website needs a WEBSITE DISCLAIMER

You never know, the information you publish could be out of date; any advice you offer may be misused or misinterpreted by your visitors; and so on. Again, most websites are providing information, so you should probably have, at least, a general Website Disclaimer to protect yourself and your business.

Do you sell goods and/or services on your website?

If YES then your website should say you comply with Australian Consumer Law and provide refund, warranty and shipping information in TERMS & CONDITIONS

In addition you also need to include a statement that you comply with the Australian Consumer Law. Not all websites sell goods and services, so you might not need to post Terms and Conditions. But the ACCC is cracking down on e-commerce sites in Australia and starting to issue penalties to non-complying websites. So don’t get caught out if you sell goods and services online.

Note:  the above information is not intended to be, and should not be, interpreted as constituting legal advice.  

For more information on website compliance, click here.

Thank you to Jane Cluff from Felicity Jane for this blog.