With so many different styles of training on the market these days, it’s hard to choose where to go and who to join. Our mission is to eradicate the need to choose between the different styles such as X Fit, F45, Commercial, Power Lifting, Bootcamp, All female, CoEd and lots more. Where do you even begin?!

We got to ask the lovely ladies Kristi and Melinda, the directors and trainers, of Iron Fit Australia to answer some questions for us.

Why did you join the SCBWN?

Melinda and I met in 2012 at a gym in Brisbane and we’ve been inseparable since. It was always our dream to help other women and this was the foundation to which we designed Iron Fit Australia. Joining the SCBWN is another way for us to be able to expand our networking with other entrepreneurial women.

What has been happening in your business lately?

Our dream was to run a fitness facility where we could always be giving back to the local community. We have only been open 3 weeks and already we have been working on our first 12 week Charity Challenge, teaming up with the Beautiful You Program who help local women and their families dealing with cancer. We will be choosing a different local charity to support with every challenge we run at Iron Fit Australia. Our first challenge starts on the 1st of July 2017.

Who are you currently wanting to connect with?

We’d like to connect with as many different women from all walks of life. Melinda and I have been Personal Trainers for many years and we have worked with a lot of people. Every client comes to us with a different life story or challenge. We love listening to what people have been through and what their dreams are and helping them to overcome past events to ensure a better future towards their goals.

Do you have an offer for our members?

Absolutely, we would love to offer all SCWBN a 14 day no obligation trial with us. This entitles them to over 25 classes per week plus 2 Iron Kids classes for their children aged 5-13. Classes range of Ironfit, Metafit, Boxing, Yoga and more.

Who are you and what do you do?

Kristi – I am a 37 year old sole parent to a beautiful 7 year old daughter. What I do, is aim to help women achieve their best. I was picked on at school for being “fat/chubby” and I never saw my beauty, even though people pointed it out to me in later years. I since learnt this to be something called “Body Dysmorphic Disorder BDD ” and my aim is to help women, young and mature, to overcome this not only by physical training but by the mental and emotional willpower they gain from doing things they never imagined they could.

Melinda – I am a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband and a mum to our three beautiful daughters. My goal in life is to make our girls feel like they are capable of achieving  anything they want to be or set their minds on. To treat their bodies with respect by living a healthy active lifestyle with balance. It’s because of my girls that I became a personal trainer, I wanted to help other women to start believing in themselves to have positive body imagines and to achieve their goals whatever they may be.

Favourite place on the Sunshine Coast?

Kristi  – Oh so many, I love nothing more than a cabin the hinterland in winter with a log fire and spa and in the warmer months I love relaxing at Happy Valley with my daughter or finding new cafes for breakfast.

Melinda – My favourite place on the coast has to be the Beach ( of course) I love every single beach we have on this beautiful coastline but Currimundi is one of our Favourite family beaches to go.

Who inspires you and why?

Kristi – Besides my mum, who will help anyone at any time, I would have to say other sole parents out there, especially entrepreneurial sole parents. Raising a child as a sole parent is a tough gig! I’m so grateful I have my parents and my sister who help me out when ever I need but I know some sole parents don’t have that and I totally respect what they are doing for their kids. I want these parents to know that it’s ok to ask for help and it’s ok to put themselves first sometimes. Happy parents = happy children.

Melinda – I don’t have one person who inspires me more over another really. I feel that everyone we meet, who we choose to let be a part of our lives gives us something different, all the ladies I have trained over the years who have overcome adversity pushed through barriers achieved goals they thought were not possible Inspire me.

What does success mean to you?

Kristi – Success to me means being able to provide the best lifestyle for my daughter and I. For me that is creating a career that allows me to attend her concerts and school events and for me to have the balance of being able to not have to be chained to a desk 5 days a week. Success to me also means helping other women achieve their health and fitness goals and watching them grow from their achievements.

Melinda – Success to me is setting a goal and taking the steps to plan and achieve that goal.

One wish?

Kristi – Just one is hard, haha. I would definitely wish for our children and their children and so on to be able to live in a war free world, a world without fear. And also, for food manufacturing companies to think more about what they are putting into our foods, let’s get back to basics and stop the epidemic of not only obesity but disease through our food.

Melinda – My one wish would be for no child to go hungry


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network make sure you get in contact with us today, we look forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to share your member story with us, we would love to hear from you. Please email membership@scbwn.org.au with you details.

Signal Fox Anthea Kovacevic

Anthea is the owner of Signal Fox – Antenna, Internet & Mobile Phone and her company fixes 4G, WiFi and mobile phone signal problems. They’ve been installing and repairing TV antennas and WiFi systems across the Sunshine Coast for over 10 years and their technician has 22 years’ experience in the IT and Radio Frequency Engineering fields.

Signal Fox Foxy

Anthea believes that everyone deserves to have strong and reliable signals all day, every day, in their homes and offices.

Signal Fox’s diversity of services range from repairing TV antennas, to boosting mobile phone signals in the home/office, to installing wireless internet systems for homes, large holiday resorts and everything in between! Not only do they have an incredible technician, but Signal Fox only use the best technology available right now to improve or boost the signal for your TV, mobile phone, 4G internet, WiFi, digital radio and networking.

With wireless and NBN internet technology rapidly advancing, Signal Fox can come in and make these new technologies work smoothly in your home or office. Their cutting edge equipment and experience makes these problems a thing of the past when you deal with Signal Fox.

If you’ve got radio frequency tech problems at home, in your office or in your investment/rental properties, be sure to connect with your SCBWN member Anthea; she can help you optimise your signals to work at their optimal capacity, which will make your life run smoother with effective technology.

SCBWN Special Offer: Anthea and her team at Signal Fox are offering FREE WiFi Health Checks for SCBWN members in their homes or offices located within a 40Km radius of Sippy Downs.

www.signalfox.com.au | 5414 9030 | admin@signalfox.com.au

Getting to know Anthea – Our famous five questions:

Favourite place on the Sunshine Coast? Currimundi Lake

Who inspires you and why? Sir Richard Branson. He loves being an entrepreneur that makes a difference in so many people’s lives

What does success means to you? Success to me means having a good work/life balance, happy & healthy kids, a great marriage and happy, successful friends. I’ve succeeded!

One wish? There’s enough food on this planet, for every single person on it. My wish is for Governments to take an active role in food being distributed more evenly.

Do you know the legal requirements and responsibilities of running an online business?  Does your website comply with Australian legislation?

Below are the three most important legal aspects that you should be aware of.  Check to see how your website fares.

Do you have a Contact Form on your website?

If YES then you are collecting personal information eg. email address.  Your website needs a PRIVACY POLICY.

A Privacy Policy states how you will keep all personal information safe and secure and that you will not sell it without permission. Since almost all websites have contact forms, most websites should have a Privacy Policy. So that should be your first priority.

Having a Privacy Policy will also increase consumer confidence and trust in your operations.

Do you publish information or provide advice on your website?

If YES then people could rely incorrectly on your information or advice and your website needs a WEBSITE DISCLAIMER

You never know, the information you publish could be out of date; any advice you offer may be misused or misinterpreted by your visitors; and so on. Again, most websites are providing information, so you should probably have, at least, a general Website Disclaimer to protect yourself and your business.

Do you sell goods and/or services on your website?

If YES then your website should say you comply with Australian Consumer Law and provide refund, warranty and shipping information in TERMS & CONDITIONS

In addition you also need to include a statement that you comply with the Australian Consumer Law. Not all websites sell goods and services, so you might not need to post Terms and Conditions. But the ACCC is cracking down on e-commerce sites in Australia and starting to issue penalties to non-complying websites. So don’t get caught out if you sell goods and services online.

Note:  the above information is not intended to be, and should not be, interpreted as constituting legal advice.  

For more information on website compliance, click here.

Thank you to Jane Cluff from Felicity Jane for this blog.

Roz White – Co-owner/founder White’s Grocers– Mooloolah, Bli Bli, Mt Coolum & Peregian Beach.   Over the past 23 years the supermarket business has evolved and grown from a small convenience store to 4 multi-award winning IGA supermarkets.  White’s IGA focus on supporting other local business providers, suppliers and growers which means they stock 100’s of local products. Roz is a passionate small business advocate having held leadership positions including board chair and is a professional member of various industry groups.  Roz is a regular speaker at trade and industry events including providing insights through the University of the Sunshine Coast and Innovation Centre.  She is the current vice-president of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network and an active community volunteer having founded and organised many community events and fundraisers for over a decade.  White’s IGA have generated $100 000 back to the community through charity events, fundraisers, donations and sponsorships just in the past 12 months.  Roz is a volunteer director with Montrose Therapy & Respite Services and a volunteer advisory member of the Queensland Community Foundation (Sunshine Coast).


  • 1995 – Commissioner for Declarations
  • 1998 – Foodlink Retailer of the year award – Convenience store category
  • 1998 – QRTSA Independent Retailer of the year award – Convenience store category
  • 1998 – Nightowl Franchisee of the year
  • 2007 – IGA Sunshine Coast Car Rally founder/sponsor – Leukaemia Foundation
  • 2008 –QNN IGA State Community Award
  • 2009 – QNN IGA State Community Award
  • 2009 –QNN IGA State Retail Board member (elected)
  • 2011 – Chair QNN IGA State Retail Board (elected)
  • 2011 – IGA National Council member (appointed)
  • 2011 – “Walk with Me” founding sponsor – Montrose Therapy & Respite Services
  • 2013 – Retail Guild Queensland Chair (current)
  • 2013 – Member National Retail Guild (appointed)
  • 2013 – Member of board of Directors (volunteer) Montrose Therapy & Respite Services (current)
  • 2013 – Advisory Member (volunteer)– Sunshine Coast Community Foundation (current)
  • 2015 – QNN IGA State Community Award
  • 2015 – White’s Supa IGA Bli Bli nominee Queensland Carers Award
  • 2015 – ‘Glamel Trek’ co-ordinator/sponsor- Montrose Therapy & Respite Services
  • 2015 – QNN IGA State Retailer of the Year
  • 2015 – IGA National Retail Excellence Awards
  • 2015 – SCBWN Outstanding Business Woman of the Year
  • 2016 – IGA State & National Retail Excellence Awards
  • 2016 – Australian Institute of Management Leadership Excellence Awards – Regional Winner
  • 2016- Australian Institute of Management Leadership Excellence Award – State Finalist Owner/Entrepreneur
  • 2017 – IGA State Finalist Retail Excellence Awards – Store of the Year, Community Award


  • Master Grocers of Australia
  • Golden Key International Honour Society – University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Member CCIQ Partners Program
  • Member Food & Agribusiness Network
  • Vice-President Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network
  • Mentor Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network
  • National Retail Guild Australia
  • Associate Fellow Australian Institute of Management
  • Member Sunshine Coast Business Council


Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network, Connecting & Inspiring Sunshine Coast Business Women. 

Becoming a member of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network is a valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, promote your business and create connections with others.

Find out more & join us today.



Maroochydore solicitors Garland Waddington has welcomed three new faces to the firm this year – Solicitors Madeline Klein and Nicole Downs and Legal Intern, Tony Hunkin.

Partner at Garland Waddington, Brendan Bathersby, said he was delighted to welcome three such knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic members to the team.

“Our team continues to grow to ensure speed and quality of delivery of service to our client base,” Mr Bathersby said.

“We like to call Solicitor Madeline Klein our team dynamo in commercial litigation.

“Madeline completed her law degree in 2013 and has provided legal advice to corporate clients including receivers, liquidators, banks and financial institutions throughout Australia on a range of commercial, finance and litigious matters.”

Garland Waddington Partner, Ken Waddington welcomed the addition of solicitor Nicole Downs as a key member of the commercial property team.

“With more than 14 years’ experience, Nicole has spent the majority of her career practising in the commercial and residential property law areas in Queensland” Mr Waddington said.

“She has worked with clients who own, buy and sell commercial and mixed use buildings, industrial buildings, retail shopping complexes, as well as acting in relation to residential off the plan developments. She also assists clients with Wills and Estate Planning matters.”

“Last but not least, Tony Hunkin is our new Legal Intern having recently completed his law degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  Tony is extremely practical with a great sense of humour and bringing a vast amount of life and business experience to the Garland Waddington team,” Mr Waddington said.

Tony is a qualified Pharmacist having owned pharmacies from 1995 until 2015, before he saw the light, sold his pharmacy and studied for his law degree more recently.

“At Garland Waddington, Tony uses his 20 years’ experience at running a small business and his more recently acquired law skills to assist clients, particularly with business and commercial issues and property.”

Mr Waddington said that having Tony on board is especially exciting for GW because it arose out of the firm’s commitment supporting the local law students at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

“Tony came to us nearly two years ago as a law student and did work experience with us until he graduated last year,” Mr Waddington said.

“Tony’s maturity and willingness to learn and contribute to the team was too good to pass up, so we were delighted to be able to offer him a position with the firm this year.”

For more information about Garland Waddington, visit www.garlandwaddington.com.au.

Media contact: Amber James, Fresh PR & Marketing, M: 0403 000 330, E: amber@freshprm.com.au

Garland Waddington Solicitors
GW Law


Every month, the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network holds a professional development lunch where members are given the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with 10-20 Sunshine Coast business women.

This month, we were lucky enough to have the amazing Maria Faulder from Suite Three.

Maria Faulder

With a career in the hair industry established in Australia and England over 22 years. Maria is an expert technical stylist, a L’Oreal preferred colour specialist and successful business woman.

Building on her early professional qualifications from the City and Guilds of London Institute, Maria went on to be industry-trained at the L’Oreal Technical Centre, gaining colour diplomas and acquiring unique styling techniques learnt from Charles Worthington, Trevor Sorbie and International Creative Director of TONI & GUY, Sascha Mascolo.

Marias vision for staff development sees her team regularly take part in major fashion events, working in these high pressure situations not only sharpens the skills but exposes the team to the latest styles and techniques.

Styled on over forty Australian Runways, below is a snapshot of some of the shows regularly attended:

– LOreal Melbourne Fasion Festival
– Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival
– Australian Fashion Week
– National Retail Awards

Suite Three

Urban quality and style on the Sunshine Coast

For him and for her. We treat every client at suite three to an individual and effortless hair experience. It’s an affordable luxury that leaves you looking and feeling a million dollars.

Personal Development Lunch with Maria Faulder

As the ladies introduced themselves to one another and enjoyed the delicious food options served for lunch, Maria talked through her Triple Bottom Line approach to business that consists of three P’s: People, Planet & Profit. It is essentially a business model developed to encourage social responsibility and sustainability among businesses.

Maria posed the always eye opening question to the group “why do you keep on getting the same result?” this is where she shared her experience and insight into running and managing a successful business.

In the last year, Maria achieved a 35% growth from writing down a new 3-5 year plan that she began actioning straight away. This plan was based around the three P’s.


Growing something from nothing

  1. Maria uses product companies to support her in making profits. By developing great relationships with industry specific brands, she has managed to leverage and create new business opportunities for Suite Three.
  2. Inbound marketing was a crucial element of the new plan moving forward through using new channels and new marketing initiatives to draw customers to her without the old fashioned hard sell. This is included advertising, speaking, retreats, seminars and the mentoring programme.
  3. Rewarding the clients made formed great relationships and even more lucrative outcomes for Suite Three. Maria regularly mentions to clients that through recommending a friend they will get a free product and new clients receive a welcome gift. It forms deeper relationships and positive experiences.


Maria has taken action to avoid activities that harm the environment and is now repurposing 95% of the salon waste.

Suite Three is achieving this through separating waste in the salon. They are also educating the clients and collecting a $2 green fee per client (if interested in participating), the waste is taken to Brisbane and all put towards a great cause: the development of wigs for cancer patients and water for road maintenance


Maria’s business was founded upon three core values – contribution, education and connectedness.

Three amazing things Maria hared wiwth the group were what she does on a regular basis.

  1. Orange Sky Laundry: Hai cuts for the homeless
  2. Steps for a cure: Sponsored a dear client in order to get her a frlight to Beijing to walk the Great Wall of China for NBCF
  3. Follows the Tony Robbins Six Core Human Needs Structure:
  • Connectedness
  • Contribution
  • Variety
  • Significance
  • Security

Maria finished the people section of the triple bottom line strategy by reinforcing that to build a life or network based on giving will always serve you. Creating a community based on providing first class service combined with real authenticity and generosity will certainly serve you.

It was amazing having Maria Faulder from Suite Three undertake the PD lunch.


Our next PD lunch will be held on Tuesday, 21 March 2017 with our 2016 Corporate Business Woman of the Year, Wendy Chadwick from Express Print and Mail Host. If you would like to attend, please purchase your tickets today as seats are limited.


parent and child holding hands

While the initial shock of the Ashley Madison hack is fading from the memories of many, the families of those involved are still dealing with the aftermath.

In August, the dating website with the slogan ‘Life is short. Have an affair’, was hacked, leaking more than a million Australian subscriber details onto the internet.

The exposed affairs are leading many couples to consider what their legal rights are, according to Garland Waddington family lawyer Micaela Chomley.

So, does having an affair or committing adultery mean one party is more favoured in divorce proceedings? Or is that just what happens in the movies?

Ms Chomley said people may be greatly disappointed (or some greatly relieved) to hear that the release of this information will bear little or no relevance in a family law matter in Australia.
“Since the introduction of the Family Law Act 1975, Australia is a “no fault” jurisdiction which means that a Court is not particularly interested in the circumstances surrounding the breakdown of your marriage,” Ms Chomley said.

“Prior to 1975, if parties wanted to get a divorce, then one had to prove that there was a ground for divorce.

“Today, if one party wants to walk away from the marriage simply because they have had enough, then provided there is 12 months of living separately, they can file for a divorce.”

Ms Chomley said that when a relationship breaks down and family law issues arise, there is often a lot of stress and emotions that can cause physical and financial repercussions.

“This can be life shattering for both parties and particularly for the children involved in the break up,” Ms Chomley said.

“Every family law matter is unique and it is important you receive advice tailored to your own facts and circumstances. The number one priority for people seeking divorce is to look after the best interests of their children and to protect their assets.

“Obtaining the correct advice at the time of your separation (or even before you separate) can minimise the devastating impact separation can have on the family unit.”

For more information in relation to a family law matter or to obtain professional advice, visit www.garlandwaddington.com.au