Felicity Jane Digital focuses on growing the digital assets of local businesses across the Coast. I am the founder and digital strategist and we have clients all across Australia but our passion are local businesses on the Sunshine Coast. I have a background in psychology, marketing, project management, computer science and urban and regional planning and bring a broad depth of knowledge to all of my client projects.

My business passion at the moment is Local SEO – Did you know that the first organic position is now found in position 8 and sometimes 9? Next time you do a Google search for a hairdresser or plumber have a look: you will notice generally 4 paid ads .. then the map listing (that is where I work to get my clients whilst working to get their website ranking organically – and you are now starting to see paid ads located here too!) then generally a directory listing such as Local Search or Yellow Pages etc and then … the first organic position (right down the bottom of the page)! Only months ago being, even in position 3, was considered quite good .. now position 3 is on page 2 (and we all know that’s where the buried bodies are hidden!).

I joined the network a little over 12 months ago as an avenue to meet other woman and I’ve been amazed at the level of talent within the Club .. I’m not surprised that the Coast is being recognised nationally as an innovation hub!

I’m a single mother of one boy, Oscar, (as well as a labradoodle – ‘Finnegan’ and Cockateil ‘Beryl’ and i really really want to get a Devon Rex) who is 6″7′ and has just turned 16 years old. His passion is to be an American basketballer and he’s on track, so my time, when not on the computer, is spent at USC and other courts across the coast, generally scoring. AND he’s had his Learners for nearly a week so my heart and blood pressure are getting a work out!

My role within the Network is to look after its technology. We are going through a process of change so in the coming months, fingers crossed, we will have a fresh, user friendly, face for the group with easy sign-up, management of your profiles as well as efficient ticketing process and lots more. If there is something specific, technology related, that you would like to see the Network utilising please feel free to let me know and we can investigate – I am happy to say I don’t know of every opportunity available :).

If any of the Network ladies and their businesses are interested in any of the services Felicity Jane Digital offers (web design, hosting, Local SEO, SEO, Adwords and Strategy) please let me know you are with the SCBWN and I’ll waive any set-up fees or provide additional services to your main products.

I look forward to catching up with everyone at the last breakfast of the year with Matt Golinski and learning about our home grown FEMALE farmers who are showcasing their products .. Jane