Mentoring with Meaning

Doing business today requires having low-cost, yet high-quality, solutions.

The Network offers its members exclusive access to its Mentoring with Meaning program.

Attending our MENTORING with MEANING program allows you to capitalise on the Coast’s greatest resource, your Mentors’ Skill and Knowledge. Strategically developing your skills through their talent and experience contributes to your business’ growth, innovation, and bottom line. It shows your staff and clients your interest, and willingness to optimise the of your company. In return, you are likely to be more productive and build a stronger sustainable business.


Please note, this is a MEMBERS ONLY program.

Where is it being held?

The program will run at Spark Bureau, 17 Ocean Street, Maroochydore, Qld


Nothing positive is ever gained without significant investment: time and financial.

Investing time

This is about working on your business rather than in it.  There are 2 parts; firstly gaining the information and secondly implementing it.

Investing money

You will gain 24 hours worth of expertise for the price of one single session with a private mentor.

What does it look like?

There will be 12 session; 6 with Speakers on a Specialised topic and 6 to assist you to develop a strategy for implementation of what you have learnt.

What am I learning?

There is a schedule based on the feedback we received from the participants last time.
They asked for more practical aspects and different subjects. The feedback told us that we should offer information on trust, financial literacy, superannuation, intellectual property.