2017 Award Winners

Outstanding Business Woman of the Year

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Garland Waddington Solicitors & Notary

ELAINE JOBSON | International CEO Jetts Fitness

Elaine Jobson is a fitness industry veteran who, over the past 23 years, has worked for a number of large fitness brands in executive positions.  Her roles have taken her all over the globe including Asia, Europe, South Africa and now Australia.

Elaine has teamed up with other entrepreneurs, including Mike Balfour QBE, founder of the Fitness First gym chain; Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson and Brendon Levenson, founder of Jetts 24 Hour Fitness, where she is now Chief Executive Officer.

Elain is passionate about building successful companies through great cultures. Her work as CEO at Virgin Active, South Africa helped create a base that transformed the organisation, topping Deloitte's 'Best Company to Work For' survey for Southern Africa in 2012.

Sustainable Business Woman of the Year

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Sunshine Coast Council


Anne Gibson is a speaker, workshop facilitator, author, organic gardening coach and founder of The Micro Gardener.In 2010 Anne launched an online platform, the microgardener.com to make it easy for people to take a proactive approach to preventing disease by growing nutrient-dense food gardens in small spaces. 

Anne now helps millions of people "join the dots" between what they eat and health, by teaching how to grow nutrient packed fresh ingredients at home. She provides on-site and online consultation services and educational products.  Anne's infectious enthusiasm and genuine love of helping people grow good health is evident when she presents workshops and as a popular speaker at events in South East Queensland.

Anne's goal is to inspire, raise awareness about sustainable food choices, encourage and support people to become "conscious consumers" and make a real impact to the overall green footprint of this region by education, mentoring and empowering women to improve their health and wellbeing so they can be their best:  One bite, one balcony and one backyard at a time.

Young Business Woman of the Year

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What the Fox Creative


Since purchasing Kuluin Mufflers 15 months ago, Ang Mansey has take the car scene by storm.  Proving to be an astute and hardworking business woman, Ang has turned Kuluin Mufflers into an entity all of its own.  

Not only does Ang manage the entire business side - finances, customer service, three social media platforms and marketing - but is also in-charge of the sponsorship of major car clubs in South East Queensland, hosting private car shows and events (including Downunder BeachFest). Building their business resume to include the likes of Ferrari, Porsche, Giocattolo and impressive muscle cars, she also deals directly with major car dealerships to offer their custom KM exhausts as upgrades to brand new vehicles.  

Ang is an avid fundraiser and played an active role in Give Me 5 For Kids for the past five years, whilst being a full-time carer to her medically unwell son. He comes to work with her as she tends to his complex medical needs.

Professional Business Woman of the Year

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Pacific Motor Group


Mervat's advice is to "leave your ego at the door, show compassion, encourage others to be the best they can be and listen to your intuition". She is inspired daily by the courage and conviction of clients faced with challenges and continually champions the essence of what humanity is about.

Q: What advice would you give to other women starting out in business?

A: Surround yourself with passionate and encouraging people who don't mind being a sounding board. Always be ready for challenges as they come your way, as they are the best character-building exercises you will come across.

Q: Whats the biggest challenge you've overcome?

A: The loss of my husband to cancer was a challenge that was beyond measure.  This has shaped my identity, changed my outlook on life and I draw from this experience every day.

Q: What's the best thing about your job?

A: I get to work with some amazing people who so generously give so much of themselves to our cause.

Micro Small Business Woman of the Year

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University of the Sunshine Coast


Dr Tegan Keogh (PhD) is the only female audiologist in Queensland who has completed Doctoral Studies in Audiology (hearing) and who owns and directs her audiology private practice, Hear Check.

Tegan has grown her clinic from absolute start-up to a busy, thriving hub at Emporio, Maroochydore, competing directly with large multi-national companies.  Tegan is both a trained paediatric and adult specialist, providing the best advice for hearing assessments and hearing aids to her patients.  Tegan influences policy and procedures within audiology clinical practice in Queensland and Australia.

Tegan has consulted to the New Zealand Ministry of Health and WorkPlace Health & Safety to provide advice that informs policy and legislation.  She also provides advice to schools across Queensland regarding best practice for hearing screening, auditory processing and hearing augmentation for children.

Tegan has lived on the Sunshine Coast for 19 years with her husband, two girls (Gabby and Sophia) and an incredibly lazy black pug named Alfie.

Corporate Business Woman of the Year

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The Events Centre


Highly experienced, award-winning real estate agent Jodie Hedley-Ward leads the team alongside husband David at the McGrath Caloundra office on the Sunshine Coast.  

Long before real estate Jodie enjoyed a career in marketing and communications and is a bestselling author with three titles to her name. With a Masters Degree in Marketing and an impressive career that has seen her work throughout Asia, Europe and Australasia, Jodie's communication skills are one of her standout assets as both an agent and Principal.

Jodie juggles real estate sales, mentoring her team and being a mum to her two children Lili and Josh.

Jodie is renowned for her relentless positivity and focus on leaving an uplifting energy signature at all times.

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