Submission Guide
2019 Business Woman of the Year Awards

This Submission Guide is for the reference of the nominees for the Sunshine Coast Business Woman’s Network (SCBWN) Business Woman of the Year Awards. These Awards are designed as a true celebration of the enormous contribution Nominees make to the Sunshine Coast business community.

This Submission Guide provides you with the information you need to enter these prestigious Awards.

Submissions are due by  3 July 2019 by 5pm.

Winners of each Category receive:

    • a trophy and certificate, as well as their names added to the prestigious list of names on the perpetual trophy
    • 12 months complimentary SCBWN Membership
    • Choice of complimentary attendance at four (4) of the SCBWN breakfast, lunch or cocktail monthly events (there are nine (9) events held throughout the year for the winner to choose from)
    • One (1) ticket to the 2020 Purple Room event
    • One (1) ticket to the 2020 Awards Gala event

The Outstanding Business Woman of the Year also receives a $10,000 media package from our Media Partners Channel Nine, 92.7MixFM and 91.9 Sea FM.

Past winners have told stories of their increased profile within the business community, enhanced business opportunities and profitability rises as a direct result of winning these Awards.

We wish to make this an enjoyable and friendly experience that will allow you to reflect on your business story and celebrate your achievements to date.

Best of luck!

Roz White

Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network

You can download a copy of this document at the bottom of this page.

Step One: Check you are eligible to enter

You are eligible to enter if you:

  • Are a female who is living in Australia and is either an Australian citizen or has Australian residency status; and,
  • Have been associated with the nominated business, located within the boundaries of the Sunshine Coast Council or the Noosa Council, since 1st August 2018; and,
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions of Entry for the SCBWN Business Woman of the Year Awards as found on the SCBWN website; and,
  • Not an employee, or on the Executive Committee of, the SCBWN; and,
  • Not an employee or business owner of a Sponsor of the SCBWN Business Woman of the Year Awards for the specific category for which you are entering
  • Not an employee or business owner of the Sponsor of the Outstanding Business Woman of the Year Category; and
  • Not a previous winner of the Category for which you wish to enter in 2019 OR obtained status of Outstanding Business Woman of the Year (in this case you are ineligible to enter the 2019 Awards).

Step Two: Understand the Awards Process

There are a number of key dates and steps to the Awards Process that you can prepare yourself for now. We encourage you to put these key dates into your diary as soon as possible.

RSVP and attend a Workshop

(Not mandatory) Thursday 13/6 at 5:30pm OR Wednesday 19/6 at 6:00pm (Location to be advised)

This Workshop will assist you in your Submission process and provide a forum for your questions to be answered. Past applicants have informed us that this Workshop is valuable to their submission process. RSVP to by two (2) days prior to relevant workshop.

Submission Due Date Wednesday 3 July 2019 by 5pm

Late Submissions are not accepted. Submissions that have started but not be formally submitted will not be included in the Judging process. You must have formally submitted by this time.

Become a Finalist By 10 July 2019

You will be advised if you have become a Finalist by the Judging Chair and the results will also be published in My Weekly Preview. Celebrate!

Update your Finalist Profile online

Upon announcement of your Finalist status we will prompt you to login to your original submission and answer questions for our publicity purposes. Follow the prompts provided to you to complete your online bio.

Attend an official photo shoot and complete a short media questionnaire

My Weekly Preview will contact you to organise a time for a professional Head Shot photo shoot at their compliments. This head shot will be utilised for our 2019 Awards Process.

Schedule a 15 minute photo shoot with My Weekly Preview. They will contact you.

Your Photo and Media Questionnaire will be used in My Weekly Preview and on the SCBWN Facebook page and website.

Attend a formal interview

When we contact you to advise that you have become a Finalist we will also schedule your 30 minute interview on the dates Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th or Thursday 25th July 2019.

Place a note in your diaries now that you may be required for an interview on these dates if you become a Finalist.

Attend the Purple Room Event

Thursday 1st August 2019
The Event Centre, 20 Minchinton Street, Caloundra. An invitation will be forwarded to you by the SCBWN for your RSVP.

Meet the other Finalists, Current Business Woman of the Year Winners and Sponsors. We will answer all of your questions about the Gala Award Ceremony.

Attend the Gala Awards Ceremony

Friday 9th August 2019

The Event Centre, 20 Minchinton Street, Caloundra. The process culminates on this Gala evening with the Category winners’ announcement. Invite your friends and family, dress up, prepare your 2 minute acceptance speech and celebrate your achievements to date.

Become a Winner of your Category, Sustainable or Outstanding Business Woman of the Year Winners will be announced at the Gala Awards Ceremony and will spend the twelve months post celebrating their achievements and becoming an Ambassador of the SCBWN.

As a winner you will be asked to:

  • Attend a minimum of four (4) SCBWN functions in 2019/2020
  • Be available for your Category Sponsor for media opportunities
  • Deliver a short speech at a SCBWN Bootcamp event in February 2020
  • Attend the 2020 Purple Room event
  • Attend the 2020 Gala Awards Ceremony to present the 2020 recipient with their Award

Step Three: Choose your Category

There are four award Categories. As a Nominee you choose the Category that you would like to be judged, and are eligible for, dependent on your business situation.

Young Business Woman of the Year Sponsor To be Announced

A Business Owner or Employee who is 19 – 35 years old as at 1st August 2019.  

A Young Business Woman can choose another Category to enter if they are eligible for that Category.

Corporate Business Woman of the Year Sponsored by The Events Centre

A Business Owner with more than five (5) full-time equivalent staff employed by the business.

Micro Small Business Woman of the Year Sponsored by University of the Sunshine Coast

A Business Owner who employees five (5) or fewer full-time equivalent staff.

Professional Business Woman of the Year Sponsored by Pacific Motor Group

An Employee who has no ownership in the business they are nominated for.

The recipient of Sustainable Business Woman of the Year is chosen from the above categories as the person who is most focused and active in creating a sustainable business for the future. This Category is sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Council.

The recipient of the award for the final category, the Outstanding Business Woman of the Year Award (sponsored by Garland Waddington) is selected from the Finalists across all categories by the Judging Chair, Written Judges and Interview Judges.

If you are unsure of your eligibility for a Category, please do not hesitate to contact the Judging Chair, for a discussion and confirmation of Category Choice.

Step Four: Prepare and collate your Submission

There are three different types of Judges involved for this Award Process:

  • Selection Panel – determines the Finalists from all submissions entered
  • Written Judges – only sees the written submission of the Finalists and does not meet you face to face
  • Interview Judges – only meets the Finalists face to face and does not see your written submission

We therefore encourage you to put your best foot forward in both the written and interview stages of judging and assume neither type of Judge knows anything about you.

Setting up your submission online

Visit the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network online portal.

Register and create your user name and password on your first login

Provide us with your:

  • Your full name
  • Your business name
  • The award category you are submitting for
  • If you are the owner of your business please also include the number of full-time and part-time/casual staff you have

Tab One: Your Profile

To set the scene, please provide a 150 word profile about you – your industry, business and what you do.

Your profile should include:

  • Your name and title
  • Your business/company/organisation name
  • A brief description of what your organisation does and your current business role and responsibilities
  • A brief overview of your personal and business achievements
  • Any other information relevant to your career success

Please note this profile may be used for publicity purposes.

Tab Two: You

Q1: How do you define and measure success, both personally and professionally?

Q2: What is your personal point of difference, and how does it contribute to the success of the business (you own or the one you work in)?

Q3: How do you approach professional development and personal growth?

Tab Three: Your Business

Q4: What are your three to five year business goals and how do you plan to achieve these?

Q5: If you had to nominate five key elements of a successful business what would these be (including an outline of each and why each is necessary)?

Q6: How have you or your business shown leadership in developing and adopting practices towards a more sustainable future?

Q7: How have you handled a difficult situation, giving an example?

Tab Four: Your World

Q8: How do you see your chosen industry developing over the next three to five years, and how will you plan for these changes?

Q9: Nominate someone you see as a successful business person and describe the strengths and qualities this person demonstrates to you.

Q10:Have you, or do you plan to, drive a specific project or initiative within your business, or does the product or service that you offer within your business, greatly impact the long term sustainability of your business, your clients businesses or the greater environment within?

Tab Five: Business Woman of the Year

Q11: Why should you be recognised as the 2019 Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Business Woman of the Year?

Tab Six: Brief History

Please provide a brief history of your professional career, including:

  • organisations that you have worked with
  • a brief summary of your position in each organisation
  • your professional education


Please provide:

  • Three (3) business reference letters
  • Two (2) personal reference letters
  • Any certificates for qualifications or Awards that supports your submission
  • Photo of Yourself
  • If applying for Micro Small or Corporate Business Woman, a Certificate of Registration of Business Name or Company

 You may save and exit your submission at any point.

Don’t forget to officially submit your online submission by hitting the SUBMIT button prior to 5pm 3rd July.


  • Entry deadline: Wednesday 3rd July by 5:00pm. Please note the entry deadline, this date is final and there will be no extensions provided. The system will automatically prevent entry submission after the deadline.
  • Finalists announced: Wednesday 10th July 2019
  • Finalist interviews: Interview dates and times will be advised upon notification of your Finalist Status from the 10th July
  • Finalist Purple Room Cocktail event: Thursday 1st August 2019
  • Award Gala Ceremony: Friday 9th August 2019.


If you have any questions on the entry process, please contact the Judging Chair by email to or call 07 5444 1736.

  • You may edit your entry after submitting, up until the entry deadline.
  • Please make sure all your personal details are entered accurately, including contact details, as this will be used in the awards presentation if selected as a finalist.
  • You are only able to enter one category. Refer to FAQ's on the SCBWN website for more information.

A special message for those nominated for the Sustainable Business Woman of the Year

In 2019, we have changed the Judging process for the Sustainable Business Woman of the Year. You no longer need to apply for that Award as a specific category. Instead you choose one of the four remaining Categories (Young, Micro/Small, Corporate or Professional) depending on your business model and place your submission for that Category. The 2019 Sustainable Business Woman of the Year will be judged across all Categories as the individual or business that adopts thought leadership, process innovations, and/or products or services that addresses social, environmental and economic sustainability.

We believe this is a positive change for the SCBWN Business Woman of the Year Awards. If you wish to discuss this change further, please contact the Judging Chair.


Contact Information:

The SCBWN is honoured to have your involvement in the 2019 Business Woman of the Year Awards. These Awards maintain their credibility in the Sunshine Coast community because of the integrity of process.

A Judging Chair is appointed to guide this process and maintain the integrity, credibility and prestige of these Awards for all past, future and current Awards holders. The 2019 Judging Chair is Min Swan.

As Judging Chair, Min is available to answer any questions you may have and assist you throughout this exciting and rewarding process.

Other documents you may also wish to reference can be found on the SCBWN website including:

If you wish to contact Min at any point, please do not hesitate to do so.

Min Swan
Judging Chair
Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Business Woman of the Year Awards

0403 030 639





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