Available to all members and sponsors at our popular networking events, the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network provides Trade Tables and Pop-up Stalls available to rent for the purpose of promoting your business to our incredible network.

TRADE TABLE: A trade table is a standard size trestle table with a white cloth that is provided for you to display brochures and product samples. You are also able to erect one standard size pull-up banner behind your trade table. Booking a trade table includes one ticket for you as a member to participate in the event.  You must provide a copy of your Public Liability insurance to book a trade table. 

POP-UP STALL: You will be provided a 3m x 3m space and you are able to erect a high quality stand for the purposes or promoting and selling your goods. Pop-up stalls must be approved by the SCBWN Event Portfolio Manager prior to purchase. Booking a pop-up stall includes one ticket for you as a member to participate in the event.  You must provide a copy of your Public Liability insurance to book a pop-up stall. 

The number of Trade Tables or Popup Stalls and venue dependent and you can contact the SCBWN Event Coordinator on or 0488 227 431 if you have queries about a specific event.

Browse our FAQs below, and contact if you have further queries.

We invite you to join a dynamic  & vibrant network of business partners, sponsors and members.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I just arrive and set up a display?
Unfortunately the answer to this is ‘no’, all trade tables and pop-up stalls must be pre-booked.

I am a member but can’t attend. Can one of my staff run my table? 
Your purchase of a trade table or pop-up stall includes one ticket which includes a meal.  Your employee may take this ticket if you are not present.  You will need to purchase additional tickets if more than one person is attending.  

Can I book exhibition space for the entire year? 
The Trade and Exhibition tables are secured as part of the online event booking process and works on a first in first served basis, but yes.

How do I book my space? 
You simply select the ‘Trade Table’ or 'Pop-up Stall' option when booking online to attend an event.  If the option is not showing this indicates that all tables are fully booked or the venue does not allow space for this activity for that particular event, however you can contact to double confirm availability.

Can I conduct a business card draw from my table?
Yes, you can invite event attendees to enter competitions, draws etc. However, we take the privacy laws very seriously and promote ethical networking practices. So if you intend to use the email addresses or details from the business cards collected at the event, you will need to indicate this to all those entering your competition. You can also ask for the winner to be drawn at the end of the event and prize given at the event.

Can I hang my banner, posters etc on walls?
For trade table holders we provide you with the opportunity to erect a freestanding banner, however no other materials must be off the trade table. The pop-up stall is perfect for businesses that wish to use a larger space than a trestle table. You will be provided with a 3m x 3m space for your layout. The walls and floors of the venue must not be damaged and the walls must not be used for erecting signage or other displays. You will be liable for any damages that arise if you do damage the venue.

Can I sell products from my trade table?
Yes, you certainly can and are encouraged to do so. Please also note that most guests will not have cash on them so for this to work well for you bringing your own credit card facilities would enhance your sales.

What if I would prefer to demonstrate my services opposed to setting up a table? 
The Network is all about supporting our members and fellow businesswomen in a professional way and we understand that some businesses require demonstration to properly communicate the product or service offering. We encourage members to maximise the results of their promotional activities by the best means suited to their business. So, never shy away from discussing with us what you have in mind. We are open to the opportunities and wonderment of business and may be open to extending the reach for this.  Contact or 0488 227 431 to enquire and obtain SCBWN approval. 

Can I have access to power? 
Depending on the venue we cannot guarantee access to power. Please just ask us prior to the event and we will see what is possible. If power is available, you will need to arrive early to ensure you select a table that has close proximity to the available power. You will also need to supply your own extension cord, duct tape and double adapters if the venue permits. Some venues may require certified and professionally installed power sources. The SCBWN event coordinator will help you with these arrangements. If there is additional cost to meet your needs, we will invoice you for those costs with your prior consent.

Do I receive confirmation? 
Yes, you will receive an email confirming and reminding you about your booking.

What if I have changed my mind and wish to cancel? 
You may cancel greater than seven (7) working days with no penalty, allowing us enough time to offer another business the opportunity.   A cancellation fee of $50.00 is otherwise incurred. 

Why do I have to provide a copy of my Public Liability Insurance?
It is standard practice for all businesses involved with an event to produce a Public Liability insurance certificate.  This protects us all from any unforeseen circumstances that your business may have directly contributed to.  If you have concerns, please contact to discuss. 

Have more questions?
If you have further questions or you wish to book in a trade table or pop-up stall, please contact our Events Chair or Coordinator via email:


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