Community Engagement

SCBWN Give Back Program

The Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network is mindful to create a supportive and inclusive environment that connects women together.  We recognise the need to show leadership and to engage with the community through a variety of avenues and programs. 

The Community Engagement Portfolio Chair seeks to grow and develop opportunities for sponsors, supporting partners and members. This is done by supporting by collaborating network and social connections and using existing and new initiatives which benefit both members and the community.

Through the amazing generosity of our members who donate prizes and purchase raffle tickets at events, a huge amount of funds are raised to support programs and projects that provide education and job ready development for young women on the Sunshine Coast who may not have access to these services and support through their family and school networks. 

The highly competitive and ever-changing labour market on the Sunshine Coast means transition to life from education can be very complex and our responsibility as a network is to empower young women to participate fully in the array of opportunities provided by our business community. We partner with experts who deliver programs which address this need and increase the access and employability of young women in our region.

STEMM (Supporting Teenagers with Education, Mothering and Mentoring) 
 “By educating a mother, you educate a family.”

This first of its kind program in Queensland is a development of a unique, stand-alone curriculum that enables pregnant girls and young mothers to be supported in achieving their educational goals. SCBWN provides funding for Barista education programs which enable STEMM participants to achieve a job that is flexible, available and meaningful.  Delivered in a unique onsite facility, Burnside High School’s STEMM program provides education, training development and support to young mothers and their new families in a holistic program designed to deliver multi-generational impact.

"We greatly appreciate the support of the SCBWN Community Giveback Program which has assisted STEMM to train 12 students to achieve their Certificate in Barista in 2019.  The students are looking forward to putting these skills to good use by working part time in Cafes while they attend University."

STEMM Community Partner for 2020


    Beacon Foundation - Prepare, Polish, and Perform

    PREPARE motivates young people to achieve positive outcomes in the classroom and their daily lives, setting personal goals in a highly aspirational environment while demonstrating relevance to curriculum.

    POLISH empowers students to better navigate their transition into the future world of work. The program equips students with an awareness of global trends, the demand for cultivating a transferable set of skills and the importance of self-advocacy.

    PERFORM teaches young people the tools and skills that are required to meet future employers’ expectations in the workplace and build confidence for their post-secondary school transition. Five mentors from the business community provide group support and knowledge in a facilitated session.

    Beacon Foundation Community Partner for 2020 

    Women & Children Christmas Donations

    Christmas is a time for giving so each Christmas we ask our members to bring a pre-selected and pre-wrapped gift for a woman and her children who have had to seek emergency accommodation support during the holiday period for safety. 

    In 2019 hundreds of amazing gifts were delivered to Laurel House for and given directly to the emergency accommodation safe houses which they work with across the region. 

    Education Bursary Program 

    The current SCBWN bursary program is delivered in collaboration with Network sponsor, University of the Sunshine Coast. In joint consultation finalists are assessed by representatives from both the University and the Network. There are four bursaries available annually at $500-00 each. The chosen recipients are presented with their bursary at the Network Christmas breakfast event each year. 


    Consultation with external sources such as Chambers of Commerce groups assist to define representation on initiatives the Network can benefit from. The purpose is to create pathways to advocacy and access to opportunities which are designed to benefit Network members.  This is a new initiative of the SCBWN by the 2018 management committee established to deliver value to members. 

    Funding streams would include revenue derived from raffle ticket sales, the annual allocation of funds to the existing bursary program and other as the SCBWN management committee sees fit.  2017/18 raffle ticket sales income was approximately $4000.00.  

    SCBWN Community Engagement Portfolio Chair

    The SCBWN Community Engagement Portfolio Chair represents our members on the Chamber Alliance Board and at various government forums throughout the year. They provide advocacy and support for women in business and two way communication to our members on the projects and opportunities provided across the region through Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Regional Economic Development Board, Chambers of Commerce and other peak industry groups such as UDIA and FAN. All members enjoy reciprocal membership with their local chamber of commerce for attendance at network events.


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