FAQ’S 2017 Business Woman’s Award Submission

Q) Can I email the application?
A) No. We only accept applications with three (3) hard copies as each pack is hand delivered to the written judges for assessment.

Q) Do the referees just email the Judging Chair of the SCBWN or call you for endorsement?
A) Your application should include written letters of reference; we may call your referee to verify the written reference.

Q) Where do I drop off the submission?
A) At the location specified in this year’s Submission Guideline document by the time specified and on the closing date. Please note late submissions are not accepted.

Q) I have won an SCBWN Business Woman of the Year Award before, can I nominate again?
A) Yes, but only in a different category if your business circumstances have changed and you meet the eligibility criteria of a different Category.

Q) I have 4 sub-contractors working for me, do they count as employees when choosing my category?
A) Possibly.

Generally if they are not regular members of your team and contracted on a project or as needs basis only count the employees under your payroll and direct report. However, in the special circumstances of consistently using staff members under contract as a strategy to manage labour requirements where you would otherwise directly employ: Yes. Please add in their total hours over a month as an FTE and include as if they are an employee FTE of the business. If you are unsure as to what treatment to apply please contact the Chair of Judging who will assist you with a decision.

Q) Our small business is in my husband’s name but I manage it. What category am I in, Professional or Small Business?
A) Professional, if you are paid a wage and an employee and not an owner.

Q) I will be overseas when the interviews are on, can I still apply and do the interview on the phone?
A) Yes

Q) Am I eligible if I am a SCBWN committee member?
A) Not if you are on the SCBWN Executive Committee. You must resign your position prior to April in the year you are nominating to be eligible. If you are on a Sub-Committee you are eligible to enter if you meet other eligibility criteria.
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If your questions has not been answered above, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will continue to add to these questions based on your feedback.

The SCBWN is honoured to have your involvement in the 2017 Business Woman of the Year Awards. These Awards maintain their credibility in the Sunshine Coast community because of the integrity of process.

A Judging Chair is appointed to guide this process and maintain the integrity, credibility and prestige of these Awards for all past, future and current Awards holders. The Judging Process is purposely kept separate from the function of the Executive Committee of the SCBWN.

As Judging Chair, I am available to answer any questions you may have and assist you throughout this exciting and rewarding process.

Other documents you may also wish to reference
• Submission Guidelines
• Terms & Conditions

If you wish to contact me at any point, please do not hesitate to do so.

Min Swan
Judging Chair, Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Business Woman of the Year Awards 2017
0403 030 639 or office 07 5444 1736
PO Box 718, Mooloolaba Q 4557