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Celebrating 25 years with our president during 2018 - 2021, Roz White!

7 Dec 2023 10:01 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

This year the Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network (SCBWN) is

celebrating a momentous 25 YEARS since the incorporation of the network

under the name 'Women in the Workforce'.

To celebrate this great milestone we are recognising those who have put

so much into the long-term sustainability of SCBWN. We are incredibly

excited to share with you all the interviews of our devoted past

presidents and share their stories of personal contribution and their

legacy to SCBWN over the years!

As president from 2018 to 2021, Roz White made remarkable advancements

to the SCBWN. She strengthened the Network's partnership with the

University of the Sunshine Coast, resulting in the development of MBA

pathway programs. Roz also enhanced the organisation's structure by

optimising the leadership team, committee portfolios, and reporting

processes for greater efficiency. Under her leadership, the SCBWN adopted

a new motto: "to empower and celebrate women in business to achieve."

This forward-thinking approach solidified the Network's leadership position

in the business community, leaving a lasting legacy of strength and


Roz, what brought you to the SCBWN?

“The Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network slipped under my radar

initially -  probably due to the fact that I was busy building my own

business and raising a family. In 2015 I was absolutely honoured to receive

the Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network ‘Outstanding Business

Woman of the Year’ award. Soon after that I realised I wanted to be a part

of the Network and it’s been a very big part of my life ever since.”

What are your fondest memories of the SCBWN?

“Being awarded the ‘Outstanding Business Woman of the Year’ award

would have to be up there as one of my fondest memories and moments.

It is such an honour and a privilege to be given an acknowledgement like

that. I remember receiving the news that my nomination came through

and I was stunned. That acknowledgement in itself was enough right at

that point. Then I tentatively went through the process, grateful at every

step that somebody had taken the time to nominate me. What I uncovered

through the process was that the awards are an incredibly powerful,

impactful experience. I gained so much insight and self reflection - you

don't usually get that in your everyday life. There are so many fond

memories and moments from that time, it's hard to define one.”

What did you always want to achieve? What was your legacy?

“As president, you tend to steer the Network in your own direction and it's

important as a leader to put your stamp on it and lead in your own way. I

was able to assemble a really powerful dynamic team around me and I

think we became the enablers of a new vision for the Network. Together we

created the new mantra: ‘empower and celebrate women in business to

achieve’. It was the perfect timing for something fresh and I think this

change further elevated the impact of the Network. Every president puts

energy, enthusiasm and their own stamp on taking the Network in a new

direction, or in a direction that keeps it alive. I'm really proud of what we did


Another area I really focussed on throughout my presidency was the

micro-credentials and professional executive education program. We

broke it down into chunks so members can actually focus on, and

complete modules that empower them to be successful. Bite-sized

modules can help solve problems, provide support, and improve

knowledge. I knew how important this approach was when I was growing

my own business, so I was really pleased to be able to provide it as an

option to the Network.”

What are your hopes for women in business, now and into the future?

“There's a lot of discussion around equality and the new discussion is

about sustainability. For women in business, there's a lot to balance. So my

wish for women in business is to find your calm. Find calmness, lead with

calmness and slow down. It's focusing on the micro steps that will actually

drive your success. Don't let the world overwhelm you, because it can, very

easily. So just open yourself up to just micro steps.”

What was your greatest challenge as a woman in business when you

were president? What is the greatest challenge you believe faces women

in business today?

“Throughout my presidency, probably one of the biggest challenges was

COVID. I was president when that was upon us all and so, that sense of

adaptability was a big challenge. Any business person, the whole

community in fact, suddenly had to adapt and change to a new world that

we'd never experienced before. I think there's been a big change in the way

we think and act as humans and the behaviour right across the globe has

changed. This brings lots of opportunity, but if you haven't got the ability to

adapt, then you'll find that very challenging. So adaptability is key. It can be

a challenge, but if you have the skill, then there's opportunity.”

What would you like to see the Network do next?

“The Network is doing such an awesome job and Min is leading so well.

She's inspiring and she just gets better and better, she continues to blow

me away. The committee is just unbelievable and is doing a fine, fine job. It

gives me a lot of pride, it really does. Going forward, I think the Sunshine

Coast Business Women's Network must continue to evolve, adapting its

mantra and focus as needed. It’s really about offering a fresh, energised

and relevant space that advocates and empowers women at every step.”

What are your thoughts on business and the economy in the Sunshine

Coast now and over the next decade?

“Currently there's some financial pressure and it's starting to really bite.

Here we are in 2023 and you can see by the budgets being released that

there's a lot of focus on the vulnerable for basic utilities like electricity etc.

What concerns me is that money always has to come from somewhere. I

absolutely do concur and support the notion of looking out for the

vulnerable in our community and believe we have a responsibility, if we

can, to help support people that need it. However one concern that comes

with that for me in business is the pressures that exist. So we have to try to

stay positive and work out ways in our business to maintain, be

sustainable, meet all the pressures, and be able to continue while looking

ahead with optimism.”

Do you have a message of encouragement for women in business today?

“Find ways to fall in love with what you do. Business is hard work, you need

discipline and consistency to have an impact, and it’s very difficult to stay

disciplined if you’re not enjoying what you do. Find ways to fall in love with

what you do and it will love you back.”

What are you up to now?

“I'm really excited about the Sunshine Coast's prospects over the next 9 - 10

years leading up to the Brisbane 2032 Games and beyond. The Sunshine

Coast is already supportive and very collaborative, but if we come together

as a community, harness that energy and make it into something really

positive, then it is going to be an incredible decade ahead. We look forward

to continuing to serve the local people in our community whilst highlighting

and championing other local businesses through our locavore program.

We delight in providing our shoppers with a unique shopping experience

they won’t find elsewhere.”

We invite you to join a dynamic  & vibrant network of business partners, sponsors and members.



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