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From 'Good Morning Australia' to successful business women

5 May 2013 10:41 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Simone Leslie has presented to millions on television and live audiences for almost two decades. She first began presenting on Good Morning Australia and other prime time programs at the age of 20, moving on to co-create and direct the company Success Partners Pty Ltd, a training and coaching business working with corporations such as Kellogg’s Australia, and public groups.

Currently the founder and director of Neuro Success, Simone is a master Neuro Strategist and has had the privilege of working with hundreds of people over the past 15 years from the unemployed to top corporate executives, elite athletes and everyday Australians. She specialises in creating lasting change by identifying and clearing neurological blockages at the brains core programming level.

A very natural and endearing presenter, she is transparent and truthful offering revelation and wisdom, both comical and crucial.  Simone’s authority in the area of change and results comes from years of research as well as her own personal experience in the area of overcoming and breakthrough.

Her life message as touched on in her book, “It’s OK to be Beautiful – Heavenly Whispers to a Broken Heart”, is to clean up the core programs we run off that are stored in our brain, setting us up for a life loved, lived and fulfilled!

"It is often said that “decisions shape our destiny,” but the real key is finding what shapes our decisions! We are each individually wired according to the programs in our brains.  These programs determine the decisions we make which affect the actions we take and the results we make.  I help individuals to step back from the picture and determine whether the programs are empowering or hindering their results.  If they are not helpful we simply rewrite them in order to run off more empowering tracks (just like a train). The key to the life we desire is the ability to renew our mind!" Simone explains.

The above blog was sourced from Simone Leslie.

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