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Wake Up with SCBWN - Imagining a new future with Kathryn Foster

  • 14 Jul 2020
  • 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
  • Online e-vent via Zoom


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Wake Up with SCBWN - Imagining a new future with Kathryn Foster

Tuesday, 14th July | 7:30am - 8:30am
Open to members and guests
Free of charge event

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In an uncertain world, it is possible that fear of the future takes up your headspace more than normal. At our next Wake up with SCBWN we support you in turning your fear of the unknown into imaginings of a new way of living.

Kathryn (Kat) Foster, Managing Director at macroDATA Digital Solutions, joins us to share her wealth of experience in reimagining new futures and creating possibilities for yourself.
While some of us have some level of income as JobKeeper is in force, it is time to turn our attention to post September and start to put the wheels in motion now if your foreseeable future is not as you would wish it to be!

Kat will draw on her first hand experience in Oregon USA where her hometown was stopped in its tracks by a court decision and faced immediate economic disaster, before they came together, reimagined a new future and put their region on the map as a major tourist destination, AND she has big dreams for the Sunshine Coast.

Moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2014, Kat saw the opportunities that the Sunshine Coast had to offer over larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne and is now creating an international data centre right here in our backyard. Kat will share with us what attracted her here, her plans for her data centre and mostly her passion for the future of the Coast and how she sees a variety of job opportunities in new ventures that are possible for us.

Kat is an innovator, an implementer, and a go getter. Kat believes in the power of knowing what you want, discovering your motivation for success, understanding the skills you need for achievement and working together towards a greater good. You will be inspired by her vision and your mind will start opening up to what is possible for you, or motivate you to finally implement your grander goal.

Kat will also ask for a volunteer who has an idea brewing to join her live on the virtual stage so that she can assist turn the idea into reality right in front of your eyes. Could that be you?

So join us online for this incredible e-vent and get you ready to explore your imagination to turn fear into flow.


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